About Kohlart

Kohl Art was founded in 2007 by Vanita and Sunita Bindal.
During the Indian art boom of the early 2000s, as avid collectors and art connoisseurs, the Bindals observed a lack of galleries specifically catering to regional emerging and mid-career artists. Their inclination to create a physical space that would exclusively foster an engagement with these artists from India and present a platform for their rtistic endeavors resulted in the genesis of Kohl Art.

A decade and a half later, Kohl continues with its commitment to bolster India’s regional contemporary art segment. Since its founding in 2007, the gallery has worked with contemporary regional artists from around the country. Two questions have formed the core of most of our activities: When does an emerging artist “become” mid career? And when does regional overlap or overtake the mainstream? The vocabulary to convey these stories/answers remains an ongoing process.

We believe that the essence of gallery’s journey over the years can be culled from the thoughts, words and works of its artists. At Kohl we believe that the artists and their art are the fundamental pillars of our entity.

Over the years, Kohl has also expanded its scope of activities to go beyond commercial engagements. The impetus is to create visibility and awareness for regional artists - at varying stages of their artistic practice, through curated exhibitions and experiential events. By donning an additional role as facilitators, we aim to create spaces of
interaction, integration and collaboration with and for the art, design and creative community at large. We hope that these spaces will bring together a commune of
like-minded individuals and collectives who are engaged with this bustling contemporary subculture of art, in its various contemporary avatars.