“Passage of time and Space constantly unfolding on the layers of change and interchange.” In this mixed media series, Pampa has intended to reveal the enchanting inner landscape of memory and nostalgia. Written matter extracted from old pages interacts with color, cyanotype, and foil on canvas to give a telling, visceral glimpse of the past, of the old. Her hallmark technique of working with layers, creating wonderous permutations and thought-provoking juxtapositions, lends itself congruently to symbolize the working nature of memory – memories suppressed, memories we have on the surface, memories that are hidden, and memories that may be obscure.
Pampa works with an additive painting method, beginning each work without any preconceptions, but with a certain mood. The overall image builds up, layer by layer, creating a visual mood. As the layers form and shape their surroundings – emphasizing some bits while hiding others, reforming them in the process, they also provide an opportunity to reflect on the impermanence of memory. Her pieces take shape as a result of free improvisation – an inspiration drawn from child art, yet evocative of balance and harmony. Memories & Nostalgia marks Pampa’s return to the canvas after a six-year hiatus. An association that began 20 years ago, when Vanita Bindal first visited Panwar at Shantiniketan – much before Kohlart was incepted – continues to shift contours, and become bolder and more enriching today.

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